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Ideological Spectrum

A few days ago I wrote on the anarchist ideological spectrum. I have made a graph with a traditional right-left paradigm and placed several thinkers on the chart. Some were very difficult to place as is the case with such a restrictive medium. I am fully happy to change some of the locations of people or certain aspects of the chart should people bring errors to my attention. Hopefully this will spark some great debate in the comments!

I would consider anybody in the bottom two thirds to be pretty good, and I would probably affiliate myself with the box on the bottom left. Let me know what you think! Also while your at it why not answer our left vs right poll?

Again, I am sure there will be some criticism that dividing ourselves into left and right anarchist libertarians is probably a bad strategy because we should be trying to build in numbers. While I agree with the sentiment I don’t agree fully with the premise. The differences between the left and right anarchists are I think more minor than Rothbard’s analysis of anarcho-communism (Chapter 12 in this book) would seem to indicate. Both support voluntary interaction! So in a voluntary society I think people would try to respect the ways in which others want to live so long as they were doing so peaceably.

Look at how close the average joe’s are to the crazy people! Us anarchists sure have come a long way. Anyways, please tell me where I am going wrong! It was hard to place people like Stefan Molyneux, Doug Casey, and David Friedman. So suggestions welcome.




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