Why the media doesn’t want to call attention to Ron Paul’s anarchist associations

The media at large seems to be missing a huge story. Ron Paul has affiliations with many anarchists! and on occasion has made comments that could be construed as anarchist leaning. Probably best known of his anarchist affiliations is to Lew Rockwell, of the Mises Institute. When any of the other candidates have an affiliation with someone of radical views they are hounded to no end  (Obama in 2008 comes to mind). There can only be one good reason for the media not to put attention on this story, that being they want to suppress the anarchist message.
I think it is fully possible that high ups in the media are fully aware of Ron Paul’s affiliations but are not willing to run stories on it because they want to suppress the rise of such thinking in Americans. An anarchist society would be detrimental to the large media monopolies, they would no longer be able to get special government privilege by lobbying congress. Also the media wouldn’t be able to use the copy protection laws to prevent rebroadcasting of their shows. The real problem they are going to have though is the Internet, where there are a whole host of websites (such as this one) that espouse the anarchist alternative.
Ron Paul has even expressed on occasion that he would approve of a small libertarian society splitting off from the US if they would simply receive and accept no government assistance, and desire peaceful trade. See the following interview:
Ron Paul gave a huge bump to our movement with his 2008 campaign. The free state project now has over 1000 early movers. I can only imagine how much the message of our peaceful solution to the problem of social cooperation will be spread by his current campaign. There is a large debate among anarchists, “to vote or not to vote”, really it doesn’t matter that much, one individual’s vote isn’t going to change anything. What will have an effect is our attempt to spread a real understanding of what freedom is and how we can only achieve it in a stateless society.
It both confuses me and brings me great joy to see Lew Rockwell on national television on the (cancelled) show of Andrew Napolitano (who also at times has said some things that could be construed as anarchist leaning). There is an avowed anarchist on TV! I mean this is great! The media was quick to close down the show, as I think it began to get more radical. Napolitano, while not an outright anarchist, hinted at a Mises institute event that he at least thought the idea of a voluntary society was something to be explored. Also a recent tweet from him quotes Lysander Spooner, the great american individualist anarchist. It could bring the movement a lot of credibility to have someone like Judge Napolitano outwardly express his views, and bring some of the many strict constitutionalist viewers of his show over to the voluntarist side.

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