New Website!

Hello everyone!

This is a new website that I am making to try and promote the idea of a voluntary society. The movement is at a critical juncture now, especially with the current Ron Paul presidential campaign, we are about to get a lot of people looking into our ideas and philosophy. We want to be welcoming, but at the same time uncompromising. I hope that this site can serve as a resource for those looking to learn more about what a voluntary society would entail, and for those who are already in the movement.

I intend to move the site onto a different server in the event that it gets some traffic (not ready quite to sign up for that domain hosting). Also if there is enough interest I will start making some videos discussing these ideas, and hopefully that will help to bring more people into “this little movement of ours”.

Personally, I came to regard the state as an unnecessary evil mainly from the economic side of things. Like many the economic crisis in 2008 sparked my interest in wanting to know what the heck happened. It took a bit more time before I was able to shrug off my (neoconservitave) views on war, civil liberties etc. I also found the vast online media resources of the Mises Institute quite useful in my personal development. Their youtube channel did wonders for my growth. I would broadly categorize my views now as voluntarist anarchist, individualist, market anarchist, or agorist, something along those lines it is sometimes hard to get a term which is consistently applied enough to want to attach oneself to it.

On the coloration of the website. You might think it a silly topic for the opening statement, but I think it is important. Generally yellow and black are the colors associated with Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism. While on almost all points I agree with this position, I find the motive, tone, and style of more leftward thinkers like Karl Hess, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Roderick Long, and Gary Charier to be more my current taste. As I said though it is more a difference in style than in substance, and while approach is important we shouldn’t let it divide us. As Karl Hess said in Anarchy Without Hyphens, “There is only one kind of Anarchist… An anarchist is a voluntarist.”  To respect this the title banner has been left white and black, but the background left yellow to reflect the use of yellow in voluntarist circles, not necessarily limiting to anarcho-capitalism.


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